Plants that keep bugs and mosquitoes away.

Plants that help keep pesky mosquitoes/bugs away are great companion plants. They emit a strong smell that insects find offensive.  Planting them in pots around the porch will help keep those wicked pests away. This will make your summertime picnic more pleasurable. Your dog will also have a much more enjoyable time in the backyard. Here are some.

Lemongrass:  The fresh lemon smell that this plant gives off humans love, but mosquitoes hate.

Rosemary: Great for cooking, and great for repelling mosquitoes.

Marigolds: These beautiful plants come in many different colors. They eject a slightly bitter smell that mosquitoes can’t stand. Most plants can be rubbed on skin to drive away mosquitoes. This should be avoided with Marigolds.

Mint: Do you enjoy the smell of mint? Well mosquitoes dislike this wonderful smell.

Catnip: Hello kitty, kitty, kitty. Goodbye mossie, mossie, mossie.

Putting some of these around your backyard will be beneficial for you and your dog. Please visit this website for more information on these plants. As well as how to maintain them.


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