Lice And Your Dog

The Facts On Canine Lice:

Canine Lice is a non winged, grey/whitish parasite that live only on dogs they don’t transfer onto cats or humans.  They can’t live “off-host”,  although there is a school of thought that says they can.

Lice is transferred by contact.  Dogs need to brush up against each other in order for the lice to transfer from dog to dog.

Rufus & Tori

There are a few ways to manage dogs getting lice and if they actually have lice how to rid them of it.

  • Nutrition is the best way to prevent your dog from getting lice.  A healthy dog is less susceptible to the lice.

  • Adding 1/4 teaspoon of Tea Tree oil to your dogs shampoo; if your dog has lice wash them with it every other day, comb out dead lice.

  • Adding 10 drops of Tea Tree oil to 1 cup of water (shake well before each spray or you may want to use an emulsifier) put it in a spray bottle and saturate the neck and ears taking care not to get in their eyes.  You can spray weekly to prevent an infestation.

  • Human grade diatomaceous earth; sprinkle/dust your dog right down to their skin.  The DE coats the exoskeleton of the lice and suffocates them.  Can also be sprinkled on bedding/beds.

  • Wash all bedding/beds, your own cloths that you wore while washing your dog in very hot water.

The above are all natural ways to combat lice.

Your other option is to see your vet for a chemical option.


We hope this helps answer some questions you may have about Lice!

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