Benefits to feeding your dog the raw food diet.

What did dogs eat before they were domesticated? Not preservatives and fillers that are added to most dog foods these days. They ate raw meat like deer or elk. So why do most dogs eat food that is full of starches and meat by-products?  Here are the reasons why feeding the raw food diet is beneficial for your dog.

Would you like to clean up less mess in your backyard? Raw food is free of fillers and preservatives making it more digestible; therefore less waste is produced by your dog. Stools will degrade within a few days.

Want your dog to have a shinier coat? Long haired breeds will have softer coats with less shedding and more shine. Short haired breeds will lose that filmy look to their fur. That distinctive doggie odor will also disappear.

Does your dog suffer from allergies?  Feeding the raw food diet can eliminate ear infections, hot spots, itching and constant licking that is caused by allergies. So if you are frequently visiting the vet and it is costing you a fortune, try switching to a raw food diet. It may be the solution you are looking for.

How about cleaner teeth for your dog? Carbohydrates in dog food causes plaque and tartar on the teeth.  A natural starch free food will make for cleaner teeth. The raw bones your dog loves also helps to chip away that nasty plaque and tartar, making for a pearly white smile. The raw food diet will help prevent health conditions due to diseased teeth.

Does your dog drink a lot of water? Excess amounts of water consumed by your dog can be due to a dry food diet. Dry food is harder to break down within the digestive tract and the water helps move it through.  Not to mention the fact that the moisture to rehydrate kibble comes from your own dogs body,  you are dehydrating your dog to hydrate the kibble.  The raw food diet is easier to digest and therefore your dog won’t need as much water. This will also prevent drooling and improve liver and kidney functions.

If this blog has grabbed your attention and you are interested in speaking to someone further about the raw food diet. Please visit Unleashed in Calgary. Their address is 2719 14 street SW and their phone number is (403) 245-0861.

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