Canine Coaching

We believe each dog defines their own success.

Just like people, every dog is an individual. Part of our promise to you is doing whatever it takes to be on the same page as our clients to give each dog a uniquely positive experience.

Canine Coaching experiences are offered to new and existing clients.

We don’t call ourselves trainers, because we offer so much more than just training. A Canine Coaching session is designed to create, repair, foster and sustain your relationship with your dog. Our knowledge and experiences comes from our own training, 19,500 walks per year with our regular pack dogs, hands-on experience with our own personal dogs, and our continuing education on canine behaviour, human behaviour and psychology.

However you define success in your relationship with your dog, our Coaches want to know about it. We are committed to doing whatever we can to help you achieve your goal. For some, it’s learning proper socialization, for others it’s about the human client gaining confidence with their own dog in an off-leash environment. Creating positive, supportive relationships between people and their canine companions is our priority

Clinics and Classes


Group Classes

One on One

Clinics are impactful, bite sized sessions ranging from 60 min – 120 min.  Theses are carried out in group settings.

Groups are the space where we take a more in-depth look at modifying our dogs behaviours. This takes place in multiple classes over multiple weeks.  Groups can range in numbers of participants; 4 – 8 dogs/class over a range of weeks 2-5.

These sessions are exactly what they sound like.  We will work together privately on whatever you and your dog needs.  

We offer both single session or 3 Pack, which we spread out over a four week period; Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 OFF, Week 4 This allows for you to go out in the real world to practice, come back with questions over multiple weeks.

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