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Learn ‘n’ Play Clinic

Who Is This Clinic For?

Most of us would love to go to an off-leash park with our dog. We want our dogs to play with other dogs, for us to chat with other dog lovers and for all to be happy and safe. 

All this is possible but it takes skill, engagement and practise all of which we will tackle in our Learn ‘n’ Play clinics…come join us.

This clinic is a continuous series focused on mastering off-leash walking. It will take place outdoors in a serene setting with minimal distractions. 

Topics we plan to address include:

  • Body language
  • Paying attention and Keeping attention
  • Being in the NOW
  • Importance of Movement
  • Looking at the motivation behind walking 
  • Games to foster a closer relationship, recall and to just have FUN

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